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Since the dreaded “Drought” was mentioned, we have all been suffering the wet weather!  It hasn’t had too an adverse effect on the plants however, although many are a little bit behind where they would normally be at the moment.  Behind the scenes the bedding plants and baskets are growing on. Needless to say, no busy lizzies are being grown this year (due to Impatiens Downy Mildew). They are particularly useful for growing in dry, shady areas – but not when they suffer from disease which wipes them out mid-season, as happened here last year!  Million bells petunias had a widespread, devastating disease problem about 10 years ago which seems to have been rectified, so we are using them in our baskets once again.

In the vegetable garden the potatoes are just starting to show above ground, the onions and garlic have appreciated the rain – but could now do with a bit of sun please!  In addition, some salad crops, beetroot, carrots, peas have been planted out ….it’s all go from now on; and of course the weeds are growing apace as well. It’s that time of year when we just about manage to keep on top of everything – planting, weeding, sowing. But worth the effort of course to see all the lovely produce in the shop through the summer.

In the conservation field, Orchid Meadow, it is noticeable the difference cutting the grass shorter has made. The field had its’ usual cut last autumn, but shorter than usual and the hay was removed. As a result the wild flowers are really flourishing and May is one of the best months to see them; every week sees something new in flower.


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