Ross Park Gardens Summer 2012 - Blog


Under the circumstances the park has looked pretty good this year! The bedding plants have not all enjoyed the weather, but we grow quite a range to cover all eventualities. The million bells petunias have been heroic through rainstorms and gales and provided good colour all summer.

In the conservatory, obviously everything is protected from the worst extremes of weather. In a more usual summer it does become very hot and dry in there and not all the plants like that. If plants are stressed they are more susceptible to disease and pests (just like people really!). So some of them have actually preferred the steadier, lower temperatures this summer and look better for it. We have also used biological control of pests for the first time this year, but because it’s been so much cooler we can’t tell if the reduction in pest numbers is because of the biological control or the weather (or a bit of both).

The vegetable garden is a similar story – plenty of weather-related disasters; but we’ve managed to provide some produce for the shop which we hope you have enjoyed.


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