Coronavirus update 7 April 2020 - Blog


Update with what's going on behind the closed gates at Ross Park. 
We are committed to coming through to the other side of this situation and to providing you all with a relaxing place to spend your holidays once again and we want you to be here with us to enjoy some more great times in the lovely surroundings of South Devon.
It seems ages ago that we wrote with a heavy heart that we had to close. Since then, the days have been full of discussions, watching the many webinars available from various industry bodies and reading as many updates as we can, as we try to navigate the advice and support the government is giving to business.  It’s not easy and as someone said earlier this week, there is no script to follow.
We miss your visits enormously but we are using our time to make sure that the Park stays neat and tidy until your return.  The recent good weather has enabled us to get on with some outside painting (we managed to stock up on paint before the lock down started), keeping the grass mowed and generally keeping the grounds looking good and whilst we are still waiting (like many of you no doubt!) for some seeds to arrive, we have managed to start sowing some others that were delivered earlier in the year.  Never have seeds been sown with so much hope!
We are constantly uplifted by the actions, kindness and friendships we see in the news; it's very moving at times and we hope the kindness continues as things become harder for some.  We will open the gates again when this turbulent time has passed and we look forward to welcoming you all and to the return of life as we knew it.
If we can be of any help with regards future holidays, either for later this year or into next year or if you have any other queries, please do contact us.  If you call and we don’t answer straight away, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we are able and we will also respond to emails as quickly as possible.
Take care, stay safe and keep well.


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