An update from the new owners - Blog


We thought it would be useful and timely to update you on our current situation regarding bookings and enquiries.

We are extremely busy inputting the large volume of existing bookings, seasonal and storage bookings on to a new computerised system from the previous paper system. This is a mammoth task as we are sure you can imagine! Once this work has been completed, we will then be able to answer questions regarding existing bookings and to take new bookings.

Additionally, as we took over the park just before Christmas, followed by a national lockdown, we have not been able to get our IT systems in place for phones and emails. As a result these are not currently being constantly monitored.

Our team is small due to the current lockdown. All are working from home with a number also needing to home-school. So we kindly ask that you bear with us while we undertake this necessary task and note the following points before getting in touch.

Please DO NOT contact us currently if;

1. You have already made a booking with us. Your booking has automatically transferred over to us and is still in place.

2. You store your caravan or have a seasonal pitch with us. Your booking has automatically transferred to us and is still in place.

If you wish to make a new booking, we hope that we will be able to take bookings for the 2021 season in February, once we have all our current information transferred to the new computerised system. We will of course keep you updated on this.

Thank you SO much for your understanding and patience in advance. We very much look forward to seeing you soon!


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