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We are still extremely busy working our way through each paper booking form that Helen & Mark passed over to us, matching the data and uploading them all to the new computer system. As we are sure you can appreciate, this manual process will take a considerable time.

We'd like to thank you again for bearing with us whilst we undertake this work which has of course been made harder in the current lockdown with our team unable to sit collectively in an office together.

Our aim is to have all bookings that were made with Helen & Mark on the system by the end of January. At which point, if we have an email address for you, the details will be emailed over for you to check them. If we do not have an email address for you, we will contact you independently.

This is where we need your help – please can we ask that you do not email us at this time. This will allow us to continue inputting the bookings as fast as we can and give us the opportunity to ensure we get up to date with everything. We are aware that there are still emails we have not been able to answer but we will get to these as soon as we can.

New bookings - We will be set up to take new bookings in February and will confirm this by email and on Facebook. 2021 is not full so we are looking forward to taking new bookings when our booking system is up and running.

All the paperwork for storage and seasonal spaces was sent out last week. At this point, we have assumed you wish to keep these bookings, and they are safe. We are currently not asking for any payments from you, so please do not worry about any outstanding balances at this time, we will be in touch.

Again, many thanks for your support, cooperation and patience and we very much look forward to welcoming you to Ross Park in 2021!

Tilly, Alastair and the Ross Park team.


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